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SouthBay Mustang Owners is for all Mustang Enthusiasts and is

one of Southern California's largest Mustang Automobile clubs.


SouthBay Mustang Owners Club

PO Box 10395

Torrance, CA. 90505

Club E-Mail address: 





The SouthBay Mustang Owners (SBMO) is a non-profit organization which exists as a social club to further promote

the enjoyment of the Ford automobile, specifically the Mustang,

and to provide a means to recreate and interact with others who share similar interests.


SouthBay Mustang Owners History

Click here to read all about the Club, when it first started to where we are today!!!


SouthBay Mustang Owners Officers & Board of Directors:


                     Joann Miyamoto


                     Vice President                

                     Jim Morrison  



                     Lisa Morrison  



                     Linda Dannels & Bonnie Shaw

                                                                             MCA Regional Director

                                                            Dennis Brenenstall



                                                           Board of Directors:


                         Andy Alves,    Ron Arrigoni,    Dennis Burnham,  Roseanne DiMarco-Burnham ,   

                            Alan Miyamoto,   Joanne Pooler,   Richard Pooler,   Charlie Shaw,    

                                           Jeannie Weiss,    Jeff Weiss,    Rudy Zibes                                    



                                                                                               Appointed Volunteers:

                                                               Club Ambassador:  Alan Miyamoto

                                                               Club Items:  Joanne Pooler

                                                               Club Photographer:  Carl Marsh

                                                               Facebook:  Joe Huerta

                                                               Newsletter Editor: Brian Gates  

                                                               Newsletter Publisher: Charlie & Bonnie Shaw

                                                               Membership - LaVerna Edmonds

                                                               Raffle Items:  Linda Dannels

                                                               Sergeant-at-Arms:  Jeff Weiss

                                                               Web Master:  LaVerna Edmonds






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